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Cape Verde is an archipelago off the coast of Africa, and is a popular tourist destination. The islands offer a variety of activities, including snorkeling. Snorkeling is a great way to explore the underwater world and get up close and personal with the marine life. There are a few things to keep in mind when snorkeling in Cape Verde, such as the best time of year to go, and where to find the best spots. Cape Verde is a great place to snorkel, with its clear waters and abundance of marine life. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned snorkeler, grab your gear and head to Cape Verde for an underwater adventure!

First, we should take a moment to consider which areas in Cape Verde are best to swim in the sea. These are some of the most beautiful beaches, palm trees, and refreshing coconuts in the world. Sal is the best place in Cape Verde to swim in the sea.

Is There Any Snorkeling In Cape Verde?

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Yes, there is snorkeling in Cape Verde! The water is crystal clear and there are plenty of colorful fish to see. You can also find some interesting coral formations.

The Bay of Gibraltar is located on the north-eastern bank of Boa Vista. Due to the shallow waters in the bay at low tide, a snorkel tour at high tide is not possible. Take a boat tour of Santiago Island and explore some of the most natural landmarks. On your way to Pilon de ACHADA, keep a lookout for the Pilon de ACHADA. A sailing trip through the waters of a volcanic island will provide you with breathtaking views of limestone rock formations. Swimming and snorkeling in Aguas Belas’ caves can be enjoyable as well. Those looking for a fun way to explore the Cape Verde archipelago can take a water-based journey on this trip.

A short distance from the beach, you’ll discover a world of marine life, with coral reefs, schooling fish, and a variety of shark species and rays to be found. Divers looking for a shark-free environment can choose Cape Verde as their destination. The archipelago is home to the world’s second largest hammerhead shark as well as many other shark and ray species. Sharks feed near the surface, and divers are usually able to detect prey around the edges of their dive. In addition to coral reefs, schooling fish, and shark and ray species, the islands are home to a diverse range of marine life. You can explore the islands through a snorkel or scuba diving.

Cape Verde Is A Hotspot For Shark And Ray Diversity

Aside from whale sharks, tiger sharks, and manta rays, over 60 shark and ray species can be found in Cape Verde, a volcanic archipelago of ten islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. The blacktip reef shark, bull shark, reef shark, white-tip reef shark, and dusky shark are among the most common species seen in Cape Verde.

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Are There Coral Reefs In Cape Verde?

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Despite the fact that there is no formal coral reef on the Cape Verde Islands, you can still find corals there. It is one of the ten most biodiversity-rich coral countries in the world. There is a lot to see if you take the time to dive.

The tourism industry in Cape Verde is thriving due to the popularity of whale watching. These islands are located in an Atlantic Ocean depression that rises to meet the submerged Mid-Atlantic Ocean Ridge to the west and the western African coast to the east, as well as the submarine depression in the Atlantic Ocean. The waters around the islands are a breeding ground for the world’s largest humpback whales. The islands are a great place to watch whales because they have crystal-clear waters and plenty of places to see them. The islands’ natural beauty, as well as their relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, make them a fantastic place to enjoy. The turquoise waters of the turquoise waters, lush vegetation, white sand beaches, and impressive coral reefs make the islands well-known. You can do everything from visit the beaches to take in a show at one of the many amusement parks on the island. Whale watchers and naturalists alike will find Cape Verde to be an excellent place to visit. It is possible to enjoy spectacular views of the islands’ clear waters as well as a diverse range of wildlife. The natural beauty of the Cape Verde Islands is also a great place to spend a day relaxing and experiencing the beautiful natural environment.

The Perfect Snorkeling Destination: Cape Verde

According to the text, Cape Verde is a paradise for snorkelers, with a diverse range of coral species. It is also home to a variety of sharks and rays, some of which are endangered. Turtles, whales, and cetaceans thrive on these islands.

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Are There Sting Rays In Cape Verde?

There are no sting rays in Cape Verde.

Is Snorkelling Good In Cape Verde?

The Cape Verde Islands are ranked tenth on the list of the top ten “hot spots” for coral biodiversity due to their variety of coral species, even if they do not have coral reefs. It is located along the NE coast of Boa Vista and is ideal for developing coral while also providing safe snorkeling.

Whats In The Sea In Cape Verde?

Around the islands of Cape Verde, there are five species of endangered turtles, 20 species of cetacean (dolphins, porpoises, and whales), and over 60 species of sharks and rays, including the threatened lemon and nurse shark.

Can You Swim In Sea At Cape Verde?

Yes, you can swim in the sea at Cape Verde. The water is warm and the beaches are beautiful. There are many activities to do in the water, such as snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing.

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Swimming in the sea off the coast of Cape Verde Islands is best done with Sal and Santiago. Every island has its own natural pool or beach where you can take a refreshing swim. Swimming in rough waters, such as Fogo and Brava, is not recommended on some of the islands. So Vicente is regarded as the cultural center of Cape Verde. Swimming in the sea is available on a number of beaches on the island. You can always take a refreshing dive if your hotel or resort has a swimming pool. Because of its long sandy beaches, which make it ideal for a beach vacation, the island of Boa Vista is a popular destination.

Swimming at Laginha Beach on So Vicente is one of the most enjoyable activities. You will need a car or an aluguer (local taxi) to get to Praia Grande, and it is not easy to reach there. Tarrafal and Quebra Canela are the best places to swim off the coast of Santiago, the main island in Cape Verde. Flights to major cities from various Cape Verdean Islands cities are available from various major airlines, making TUI the best travel company in the country. provides the best service for anyone looking to book their own vacation with TripAdvisor. You should ensure that you have adequate insurance in place for your travels. Santo Ant*o is one of Cape Verde’s best islands for a vacation that combines beautiful nature with a passion for history and culture.

Swimming can be done at Ponta de Salina, a popular spot near SaoJorge, the town’s main square. Faja de Aqua isn’t a place to swim in, but rather a place to take a bath. Traveling in a waterproof E-reader allows you to read for an unlimited amount of time. Make your next travel trip even more comfortable by using the world’s most noise-cancelling headphones. The North Face Backpack is a high-quality, versatile, and practical daypack designed by one of the world’s best brands. This hammock is lightweight due to its parachute silk material. This pocket-sized and waterproof bag is ideal for carrying in a daypack or pocket.

Kiteboarding is most popular on Cape Verde’s islands in the form of kite flying at the Kite Beach (kite beach) and at Boa Vista (Praia de Chaves, and many other beaches), which have sandy beaches and excellent thermal winds. Santo Anto, Cape Verde’s second-largest island, is larger than Santiago, the island’s largest. There are ferry routes connecting the islands, but they are unreliable due to poor sea conditions. When you plan ahead of time the majority of your travel plans, you will have an enjoyable time.

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The best time to see humpback whales is between March and April. During these months, warmer water temperatures attract whales to the area. If you want to go dolphin watching or whale watching, please get in touch with one of our team members.

Cabo Verde: The Best Time To Swim

All year long, the sea is warm in Cabo Verde, with the exception of winter. The maximum water temperature in October is 82F / 27C, and the minimum water temperature in April is 76F / 24C. Swimming at sea is best during the months of March through May.


What is the best time of year to dive the Galapagos? ›

In summary, the best time to dive in the Galapagos is between June and October because you can see the big wildlife, whale sharks, and big schools of hammerheads.

What time of year is best to dive the Red Sea? ›

Plan your trip between March and May or September and November for the best all-around experience. These months offer a perfect balance between excellent diving conditions, fewer tourists, and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife sightings.

What is the best time of the year to dive in Komodo? ›

The weather in Komodo is at its best between April and November, with the best time to dive falling between May and October. During the wet season - December to March - the weather can get very windy, with a lot of rain, causing rough surface conditions.

What is the best time of day to go diving? ›

Most morning divers are treated to ocean conditions without wind, waves, current, and visibility is also noticeably better earlier in the day. This means easier dives, lower air consumption, longer dives, and more to see!

Where can I dive in summer? ›

7 Best Places to go Diving in July
  • The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Great Barrier Reef diving is at its finest during the Australian winter, with calm, clear waters and sunshine-filled days. ...
  • Nusa Penida, Indonesia. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Cocos Island, Costa Rica. ...
  • Isla Mujeres, Mexico. ...
  • Vanuatu. ...
  • Italy.
Jul 11, 2022

What season is it in the Galapagos Islands right now? ›

There are two distinct seasons in the Galapagos: the warm & wet season (January to June) and the cool & dry season (June to December). The seasons are mostly determined by the trade winds, which in turn affect the ocean currents, which in turn affect the weather.

Do I need wetsuit in Galapagos December? ›

If you get cold extremely easily, you might want a wetsuit even this time of year, however. Cold Season in the Galapagos: The Galapagos Islands waters have the Humboldt Current's influence that brings cold waters, especially during the mist or Garua season (cool, dry weather) from late May/June to December.

Can you swim in Galapagos in July? ›

Gorgeously Mild Weather

Meanwhile, the water is a warm and comfortable 72°F (22° C)—perfect for swimming and snorkeling throughout the day. If you want that mild tropical weather you've been dreaming about, July is a wonderful time to enjoy it in the Islands.

What time of the year is best to scuba? ›

The better diving season is consider to be May through to November with the best vis towards the end of the cooler season before the rains hit and river run-off affects visibility.

Can you dive in the Red Sea in winter? ›

The Red Sea offers great diving all year round but every season brings its own advantages. While the winter months might generally be considered the 'low season' to many, they do offer significant plusses to both divers and more general tourists.

What is the best time of year to dive in Egypt? ›

Diving in Egypt is year-round, but the best time of year to visit is from late July to early December, depending on location, with water temperature rising to over 30°C in August and September.

When can you dive in Costa Rica? ›

August-December is when you'll find little wind and calm seas. Most of the pelagic species found during the rainy season leave Costa Rica's coast and are replaced by a variety of fish and macro species. It is also the best time to dive in Costa Rica for beginner divers who prefer easy, colorful diving.

Is December a good time to visit Komodo Island? ›

October – December: End of dry season and early of rainy season. If you miss your chance to visit Komodo on April – June, we'd recommend October – December. Less tourist and lots of chance to spot Komodo dragon.

What are the best conditions for diving? ›

Under most circumstances, diving at high tide yields the best visibility because it brings with it clear, offshore water. If you think current may be a factor in your dive plan, the ideal time to enter the water is around what's termed a slack tide.

What temperature is good for diving? ›

Wetsuits and Semi-Dry suits
Water TemperatureAverage DiverDiver Prone to Cold
29°C (85°F) and abovedive skin or thin shorty1 mm full suit
26-28°C (80 to 84°F)dive skin or 2mm shorty1-2 mm full suit
22-25°C (73 to 79°F)2-3 mm full suit3-5 mm full suit
18-21°C (66 to 72°F)3-5 mm full suit5-7 mm full suit
2 more rows

What are the best conditions to dive? ›

Most divers are obsessed with seeing as much as possible underwater, so clear visibility is always a high priority. The best dive conditions for clear visibility are cold water and minimal current. The colder the water is, the more oxygen gets trapped in it, and this can increase the visibility.

Can you dive in the rain? ›

The truth is that it doesn't matter what the weather is like outside, you can still go scuba diving, you are going to get wet any way. As long as the weather is within one of the PADI guidelines (from sunny and calm to windy and rainy) then you can still get wet and dive.

Where do Navy Seals go to dive school? ›

The Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC), located at Naval Support Activity Panama City, Florida, is the largest diving facility in the world. NDSTC trains military divers from all services.

Do you need a passport to go to the Galapagos Islands? ›

Visitors must have a current passport valid for more than three months, adequate funds to support themselves and a return ticket. Be sure to bring your C-card or proof of certification. There are also some requirements to enter the Galapagos Islands.

Do you have to fly to the Galapagos Islands? ›

The only way for travelers to get to the Galapagos Islands is by air. Travelers must fly from mainland Ecuador to the Galapagos Island. It is not possible to cruise from mainland on a tourist-class ship, and there is no road or ferry service.

Is it expensive to go to the Galapagos Islands? ›

Galapagos is not a cheap place to visit (but so worth it). Due to their location, the challenges of sustainable tourism there, and the need to support local development, the Galapagos Islands are more expensive than the mainland of Ecuador. While budget travel is feasible, the trip can still cost you a lot.

Do wetsuits stop you getting cold? ›

Wetsuit Insulation

Now whilst neoprene will insulate you from this cold water it is not 100% efficient insulator and some of your body heat (and the heat contained in the thin layer of water around you) will pass through the neoprene and attempt to warm the water outside.

What temperature do you stop wearing a wetsuit? ›

The range of 50 to 78 degrees is therefore the ideal range for using a wetsuit. Any warmer, and the swimmer may actually overheat due to the wetsuit's insulative qualities. Truth be told, we think it is pretty easy to get too warm inside a wetsuit even in the 74-77 degree range.

How cold is too cold without a wetsuit? ›

Generally speaking, anytime the water temp is below 70 degrees, a wetsuit can feel pretty good. And anytime the water temp is below 65, a wetsuit might actually be advised in order to keep the swimmer from having a reaction to the cold.

Can you drink tap water in Galapagos? ›

The tap water on the Galapagos Islands is not safe to drink so only drink bottled water, which is readily available on board cruise boats. It's wise to avoid ice cubes in drinks, and salads, which may have been washed in unhygienic water.

Do I need a wetsuit for Galapagos? ›

The very short answer: It is not ultimately necessary to wear a wetsuit when swimming or snorkeling in Galapagos, but for the most enjoyable experience we stongly recommend you use one. The longer answer: Snorkeling is one of the top activities that passengers look for during a Galapagos Cruise, and rightfully so!

Can you drink in the Galapagos? ›

In the protected areas in Galápagos this is not allowed. You can drink alcohol and smoke a cigarette in the urban area (near the bars) but definitely not while you are on a tour or a main attraction.

Do people scuba dive in winter? ›

Scuba diving is a popular activity enjoyed by many people all year round. However, diving in the winter can offer a unique and exciting experience different from diving in the warmer seasons.

What time of year is best to dive in California? ›

The best time to dive is during fall when visibility is the best as it is not as windy as during spring. The average water temperatures go up to 68 F (20 C ) during the summer and during the winter staying between 57 to 59 F ( 14 to 15 C ).

What months are best to dive in Hawaii? ›

Diving in Hawaii can be enjoyed year-round, with average water temperature between 75-80°F (24-27°C) which reach their peak in September. A 3mm wetsuit is preferred in the winter whilst a 1mm rash vest is suffice for the summer.

Do you get sharks in the Red Sea? ›

Grey reef sharks are the most commonly spotted species in Egypt's Red Sea, along with black and whitetip reef sharks which are also often seen. Grey reef sharks are shy reef dwellers, have a stocky build, and grow to a maximum length of around two metres.

What is the coldest water you can scuba dive in? ›

As a general rule, diving in water below 60 degrees fahrenheit is considered cold water diving. At these temperatures, divers must increase exposure protection to defend against hypothermia, and will often adjust other pieces of gear to cater to the specific cold water environment.

How do divers not get cold? ›

Choose the correct wetsuit

If you're unsure, ask your PADI® Divemaster or Instructor to make a recommendation for you. Most importantly, make sure your suit fits you properly. Wetsuits work by trapping a layer of water between your body and the suit and using your body heat to warm it.

What time of year is best for diving in Sharm el Sheikh? ›

When to go to Sharm El Sheikh. Diving here is available year-round, although there is some variation in water temperature. The high diving season is considered to be from the end of March to the end of November. The water temperature is at least 24-25C+/75-77F+, and the chance of storms is relatively low.

Is December a good time to dive in Egypt? ›

Red Sea, Egypt

Although the water and weather have turned cooler in the Northern Hemisphere during the month of December, it's a great month for shark action in the Egyptian Red Sea. Oceanic whitetips and hammerheads love the cooler temperatures, so be sure to keep your eyes looking into the blue.

When should you stop diving? ›

Make a Safety Stop

When is a safety stop required? Divers should make a safety stop at the end of every dive at a depth of 15 feet for three to five minutes. Safety stop diving gives your body extra time to release excess nitrogen that builds up in your system during the dive.

Where do you hit a shark? ›

If you're being attacked and fighting back, try to avoid the dangerous mouth and go for the gills behind the mouth near the pectoral fins. A good shot to the gills can also do the job: “The gills are very sensitive – giving a shark a whack in the gills isn't a bad idea.” Are you carrying anything with you?

What do you do if you see a tiger shark while diving? ›

She continues: "What you'd actually want to do is not splash, turn around and face the animal, and maintain eye contact. With tiger sharks, you can place your hand on top of their head, push down gently and that will redirect them away from you."

Is Costa Rica cheap or expensive? ›

Compared to other Central American countries like Nicaragua or El Salvador, Costa Rica is generally more on the expensive side. It's pretty well-developed and has a thriving tourism industry, so things do cost more.

Can you drink the night before diving? ›

Avoid drinking to excess anytime, but particularly before diving or while on a diving vacation. Avoid alcohol for at least 8 hours before diving (the same rule the FAA imposes on pilots). If you drank the night before, avoid diving if you feel a hangover, as you're likely to be significantly dehydrated.

What are the best months for diving in Costa Rica? ›

July and August are some of the best times to scuba dive in Costa Rica because it is the humpback whale and turtle season.

Can Komodo dragons swim from island to island? ›

Komodo dragons are also excellent swimmers with the ability to travel from island to island. On top of swimming, they can also run at speeds of 13 miles per hour!

Can you swim in Komodo Island? ›

The dragons can take up a few hours on one day, but you can spend the rest of the time exploring Komodo National Park by swimming, snorkelling, diving, hiking or sailing your way around – which is, honestly, incredible and has become a highlight of all my trips to Indonesia!

Can I stay on Komodo Island? ›

The only accommodation on Komodo Island itself is a collection of bungalows that are owned and operated by the National Park. They are usually reserved for special guests and film crews. As such, most visitors to the area spend the night on nearby Flores (usually in Labuan Bajo).

Where is the dive capital of the world? ›

Florida: Dive Capital of the World

A must-visit area for many divers is the underwater playground of the Florida Keys. Described as the dive capital of the world, these islands hold the world's third-largest barrier reef, thousands of mangrove-fringed islands and extensive seagrass beds.

Where is the world's deadliest dive site? ›

The Blue Hole is popular for freediving because of the depth directly accessible from shore and the lack of current. The dive site is reputed to have the most diver fatalities in the world with estimates of between 130 and 200 fatalities in recent years.

Where is the safest place to dive? ›

These amazing dive sites are great places to plan a scuba or snorkel trip to remember!
  • Buck Island, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
  • The Big Island, Hawaii.
  • Palau, Micronesia.
  • Palawan, The Philippines.
  • Solomon Islands.
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
  • Isla Holbox, Mexico.
Mar 12, 2018

What state has the most scuba divers? ›

Despite Colorado being a landlocked state, the Centennial State is said to have the most certified scuba divers per capita in the country.

What is the diving capital of the US? ›

Key Largo, Florida is known as the scuba diving capital of the world. This is because there is a very large amount of dive sites easily accessible to divers. The Florida Keys is located along the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world.

Do SEALs get dive pay? ›

Every Sailor earns off the same scale. SEALs qualify for a number of special pays, including jump, dive, demo, etc.

Do Navy divers go to buds? ›

All Navy SEALs graduate from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) school, located in Coronado, CA. Naval Special Warfare Group One is headquartered at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, CA, whose divers deploy as squadrons from SEAL teams 1. 3.

What is the age limit for Navy divers? ›

Pass a physical examination required for divers. Be 30 years of age or younger. Must be a U.S. citizen and eligible for security clearance.

What is the safest depth to dive? ›

The American Red Cross recommends a minimum of 9 feet of water depth for head first dives including dives from pool decks. Results for a comprehensive study of diving injuries are presented in "Diving Injuries: The Etiology of 486 Case Studies with Recommendations for Needed Action" edited by Dr.

What is the hardest scuba dive in the world? ›

1 The Blue Hole

There are blue holes, substantial marine sinkholes where otherwise clear waters quickly fall into crushing depths and darkness, all over the world. Many have gained notorious reputations from divers, but none more so than the blue hole off the coast of Dahab, Egypt.

What is the hardest dive ever? ›

The most difficult dive to perform, for the record, is the reverse 1½ somersault with 4½ twists off the 3-meter board. It has a 3.7 degree of difficulty.

Is 70 too old to scuba dive? ›

Officially, there is no upper age limit, but diving is an extreme sport and therefore we must take into consideration the aspects of physical health and mental ability that may change as we get older. Diving is a strenuous activity, especially before and after the dive when hauling heavy equipment around.

When should you not dive? ›

Basic scuba diving safety is that your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good working order. A person with heart trouble, a current cold or congestion, epilepsy, asthma, a severe medical problem should not dive. Another time not to dive is if your ears or nose are not clear.

How much do you tip for diving? ›

Diving prices are going to range depending on the area and your location. As a generalization, a good rule of thumb to consider is to tip $5USD to $10USD per dive (per tank). When you break that down that is roughly leaving a tip of 10 to 20 percent based on the service provided and your overall experience.


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